Friday, 18 January 2013

Swallowing Habits Die Real Hard

Well here I am, sat sprawled out on the couch. Watching the snow come down, only the heat of the laptop on my lap for comfort. What made me decide to right a blog? The truth is, there is no answer. Maybe, for once I decided that it was about time I took it upon myself to actually share my thoughts to the world instead of bottling them up inside.

It will be interesting to see who decides to read this and who doesn't. We live in a word where people prefer to watch or listen and not to read. Subliminal as it is, the droning of modern life has adjusted us to be lazy. Most of what I decide to write, may make no sense. But I know that, out there, there are like minded people who want a break from this false reality and connect with something that is real.

This is merely a vessel and with this I shall bring knowledge from experience of life that I wish to share with you.

This is my opening statement, one that is neither a positive or a negative to the following.

- Over and out.

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